Zacky was born in Greece and started drumming at the age of ten and recorded his first CD with the band "Attack" in the year 1989, which was sold international. He recorded two more CDs before he joined the band of John Hayes (the guitar player of "Mother's Finest"). In 1996, he was in Los Angeles as a guest student at the MI (Music Institute), 1998 he recorded as well the "5000 Watts" CD.

In the year 2000 he played with the band "Fair Warning" as a support act for "Staus Quo" and afterwards they did a tour in Japan. After the tour he joined the band "Soul Doctor" and recorded three CDs with them. Another tour in Japan followed, succeeded by two european tours and lots of festivals.In 2002, Zacky played a world tour with the afghan singer Farhad Darya.

2005, with the swiss singer and actress Mia Aegerter, Zacky also played a tour in Germany (together with Ronan Keating) and Switzerland, followed by some festivals. Since 2004, he is the drummer of the "Helmut Zerlett Band", which is famous for being the Band of the "Harald-Schmidt-TV Show".