Frank Itt

Frank Itt started playing Bass very late at the age of 18. Fortunately he had the chance play in a Blues-Band already one year later. At the same time he and his british friend Marc startet their first band called The Touch. Two years of rehearsing and some personel changes eventually led to their first record deal. After this band splitted, only the vocalist Terence Trent D''Arby made it with international success. In 1985 Frank was offered to play with Jennifer Rush in her Tour-Band.

In 1992 he was engaged by Jasper van't Hof for his Afro-Jazz-Band PILI PILI. In 1995 germany's leading Fusion-guitarist Michael Sagmeister asked him to join his Quartett with Hedrik Soll (Keyboards) and Michael Küttner (drums). They worked together for three years. In 1996 Frank founded a band around the german Rock-Comedy-Singer Lotto King Karl which he produces since 1998.

In 1998 he expanded his musical horizon and started to work as a producer as well as a sound-technician. Since 2002 Frank is a member of Errorhead.