Every Thursday Marcus will give a rundown of all the guitars and amps that were being used to record the upcoming new album. Watch this week Episode 1: Recording "The Blue Poets"

new marcus deml guitar workshop 7 2019

Vom 12.- 14. Juli 2019 bietet Marcus Deml in Hamburg 3 Tage lang seinen begehrten Workshop für eine limitierten Zahl an Teilnehmern an. Frühzeitig buchen!

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Marcus Deml will perfom solo at the upcoming Gary Moore Memorial Concert in Budapest on April 4th 2018. Tickets for this Event are available here.

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This mornings jam was the tune "Colour of your Tear" from the Errorhead Album "ErrorRhythm"


A little blues Jam on the 70's Strat.


Marcus Deml's "Iceman Blues"