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In this new Bobeatz Special on YouTube Marcus Deml talks Licks, Tricks ... and a brand new Blues Rock Album!

Several Errorhead records now available for download

Finally you can buy and download 3 classic Errorhead records from our Shop in MP3 format: In addition to the highly acclaimed MODERN HIPPIE and the outstanding ERRORHEAD LIVE record you will also find the 2004 classic album ERRORRHYTHM — each download is just 7,99€ !

Follow Marcus Deml on his new Facebook Artist Page for latest infos, new pictures and cool new videos of tracks & licks!

Marcus Deml at Facebook

Jam along with 12 Errorhead Instrumentals! The Errorhead Backing Track Pack download includes the original studio tracks minus the lead guitar, additionally you get a PDF booklet with the insights on the harmonic structures on every tune and the scales that Marcus is using! Download now!

Errorhead Backing Track Pack

A little Blues Jam inspired by the late great B. B. King

Es muss nicht immer Strat sein: Marcus Deml hat auf auf seiner Facebook-Seite seine 70s Ovation wieder entdeckt und sich offensichtlich gleich wieder verliebt.